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Special Conchos to enhance leather works


Double snap Customized Leather Bracelet with over 80 hammered images created by Award Winning Artist Carl Childs.  Accessorized with 1 Concho.  Variety of Conchos are based on availability.  Conchos cost an additional $15-$100 for labor and materials.  Conchos will be Gold Plated, Sterling Silver Plated, Copper Finish, Brass Bronze, Swarovski Crystal, & Stamped Steel.  Inquire for availability.  ALL CUSTOMIZED ORDERS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE. Place your order for your completed customized bracelet. Limited amount of Carl's Scripture Bracelets are in stock. *Cost for a Carl's Scriptural Bracelet is $22 for the Leather Bracelet with images and John 3:16, Luke 23:34 or other scripture & $15 for a Steel Cross Concho and additional work=$37 total price.  "Thank you for taking time to support and promote the arts and me as an artist." "It is a wonderful feeling to be appreciated and in high demand as an artist!"  " A portion of  the proceeds from these sales are going to help Children's programs in several communities." 

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