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Quotes Your Scripture & Scribbles Program ROCKS! Quotes
Sabrina R
Soccer Mom

Quotes Thank you Mr. Childs for bringing your work to our Summer Event, it made my day. Quotes
Anthony S

Quotes Thank you for the wonderful work that you created for me and my family! Job well done! Quotes
Stacy J

Quotes Thank you for personally delivering the painting to my country! My family will always cherish it! My family prays for your safety, health and your skills everyday. Quotes
Carol O

Quotes Mr. Childs' work enhances and adds great value to my business. I have experienced a 30% increase in sales and 1200 new customers in 3 months. Quotes
George H
Business Owner

Quotes Carl brings supreme energy to every class that he is in. I loved how he led, built and encouraged us during his Van Gogh motivational. Quotes
Scott W
College Student Artist

Quotes Childs has helped me become a better Soldier and Artist! Quotes
Rodney S

Quotes Childs always strives to be the best at what he does. He has a we can always win attitude! Quotes
Lawrence H

Quotes Carl is a unique artist, art instructor and a very dynamic human being. Quotes
Jim B
Art Educator

Quotes Awesome Artist! Carl has a passion and energy like no other artist! Quotes
Anthony R
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