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Quotes Mr. Childs thanks for taking time to critique my work. My final grade was an A! Now I can see myself graduating next year! Quotes
Art Student

Quotes Carl, I wore my leather bracelet to graduation! All of my friends want one! I directed them to your Awesome website. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes "Thanks for encouraging me to not drop out of school because I was going to have a baby." "Now my husband and our baby Taylor will be at my 2014 Graduation!" Quotes
College Student Artist

Quotes "Thank you for your service to my family, our community and our country." "I'm not ashamed to say my children look up to you." Quotes

Quotes "Carl operates as a speaker, reader and doer of the word." "Carl's radio show and art work are all on point!" Quotes

Quotes The leather bracelet that you created for my daughter was a pure work of art. This is why I love original work ! Support the ARTIST! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Thank you Carl for all of the help and encouragement that you gave me and my family. God and You are the reason why I GRADUATED! I will not get tired of WINNING! Quotes

Quotes Thank you Mr. Childs for protecting our country from terrorism. Thanks for taking time to explain to me the difference between Printmaking and making a print out of an original. Quotes
Satisfied Collector

Quotes Thank you Mr. Childs for creating my "CLB" Customized Leather Bracelet! All of my friends will go to your website and will be purchasing your art! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes SFC Childs, thank you for your exemplary service to our country. Thanks for taking time to recognize me as a veteran. Please contact me when you start making leather belts! Quotes
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