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Posted on April 16, 2014 at 4:25 PM

Business Art Tactic Sales (BATS) Course taught by American Artist Carl Childs that will immerse you into a dynamic approach to teaching and learning.  This course will help you develop a stronger mindset, momentum and courage to advance to the next level in your career.  BATS is especially for the visual artist, performing artist, model, hair stylist, business owner or future business owner.   Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand and demonstrate techniques of marketing image, pricing work created, basic artist rights, writing a press release and an artist statement.  Students will also be able to recognize and emulate marketing and media techniques to have a positive impact on image, sales and market.  Additionally, this class is designed to build and improve your confidence, productivity, motivation and your image in your community and designated field.  Initial Class Requirements: 1. Bring your ideas and goals so we can customized a path of success for you. 2. Eliminate "can't" from your vocabulary because you can! 3. Expect great things to happen with you and your plan.  Special Notes: 1. Course Syllubus will be given out in the first class.  2. Blackboard to get homework and communication will be: then click on MORE and then click on BLOG and read information. 3. Alternate Blackboard 4. Interview with each student is required for Instructor Carl Childs to customize certain areas of this course to maximize your personal goals. 

Class Type: Seated  Class                    Location: TBA               Class Hours: 8-12               Cost: $65                        Standard Meeting:  2x/week     

High-Tech Artist Working Knowledge Successfully (HAWKS) Course taught by American Artist Carl Childs that will increase and diversify your technology awareness and abilities. Students will hit the ground running to get familiar with and comfortable using various technology. Student will learn basic history of computer and electronic devices. Student will work with and demonstrations of laptops, IPAD, Smart Phones, Scanning, Image transfer, Image alteration. The goal is to make sure you have modern technology awareness, experience and application. Students will have the opportunity to interact with "Artificial Technology". Introduction to GIMP or Photoshop, Screen Saver Programs and other programs driven by interest of the class. Initial Class Requirements:  1. Bring technology to class, laptop, smart phone, tablet ect. 2. Field trip to see latest technology and talk with field representatives.

Class Type: Seated Class                     Location: TBA              Class Hours: 8                     Cost: $82                         Standard Meeting 2x/week

A Taste of Ar Course taught by Award-winning Artist Carl Childs, that will introduce students to a variety of art techniques and media.  Each student will have hands on experience with at least 4 mediums ink, leather, wood, charcoal, pastels, acrylic paint, digital art, photography and clay. Class is recommended for anyone interested in the arts.  Additionally this class will give you an inside track of the arts to help in deciding if you should major in art.  Initial Class Requirements: 1. Wear clothes that can get these materials on them or wear an apron. 2. Notebook, pencils, pens, calender.

Class Type: Seated Class                   Location: TBA               Class Hours : 8                    Cost: $82                          Standard Meeting 2x/week

Personal Management  Does your world seem chaotic? Are you really accomplishing as much as you can in one day? Coach Carl Childs will help you establish plans, accomplish more, budget your time, become more productive, and add new facets to your life.  Initial Class Requirements: 1. Bring notebook, pens, pencils, calculator, calender, thumb drive and day planner. 2. Bring a can win attitude!

Class Type: Seated Class                  Location: TBA               Class Hours:  8                     Cost: $62                         Standard Meeting 2x/week

Solo Exhibit 1 Are you a 2D or 3D artist that wants to do a solo exhibit?  Award-winning Artist Carl Childs will instruct students and prepare them to have a successful solo show and assist you in exhibiting your work.  Student will learn how to plan a show, display work, ship work and market your show.  Initial Class Requirements: 1. Artist should have a body of work or is in the process of build a body of work with the intention of having a Solo Exhibit.  2.This class will require field trip time to various galleries and museums to enhance experience and increase opportunities.

Class Type: Seated Class                 Location: TBA               Class Hours: 8                      Cost: $82                       Standard Meeting 2x/week


Pre-registration and pre-payment is required 5 days before class starts unless arrangements are made with the course instructor Carl Childs prior to class starting.   ALL MATERIAL FOR THESE COURSES ARE COPYRIGHT 2014 CARL CHILDS.  Written permission for limited use of specific material or information for instructional purposes at the high school and college level can be requested through this web site.

Minimum Age requirement for these courses are 18 years of age.  Select courses can be adjusted and made available to anyone 18 and under. Send your request through this website www.childsart007.webs Attention: "Art Teacher Carl Childs" follow up with a text or voice mail to (980) 285-8098(980) 285-8098



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Posted on April 10, 2014 at 7:55 PM

Work your craft!  Welcome to Childs Art! We are fighting for the future of the arts!  We are going to continue to spend time encouraging, learning, growing and teaching the arts.  There's so much that we can all discover my having the courage to create work.  Create work and share it with the world.  Continue to experiment with different mediums and capture every AH-HA moment possible.  Never get tired of working your craft.  Working your craft is an investment and a way of solidifying your future.  We are growing here at Childs Art!  :D


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